The Bearspaw Historical Society holds a number of activities throughout the year such as tours of museums or heritage organizations, workshops on topics that will help community members learn to document, preserve, or commemorate aspects of history, dinners and presentations.


Historical Tours


53. Caroline museum tour - ejh

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A trip to the Caroline Wheels of Time Museum and

their restored Big Bend School. The Society members

admired the tremendous amount of hard work and

dedication that has gone into this museum. (© Elisa J. Hart)


54. Al Bays Museum of Making

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Al Bays, of the Canadian Museum of Making provided

us with a tour of this impressive museum. (© Elisa J. Hart)


55. walk in GRPP

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An historical walking tour in the beautiful Glenbow

Ranch Provincial Park. (© Elisa J. Hart)




56. Michael Gourlie archival workshop

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Michael Gourlie of the Alberta Archivists Society facilitated

a workshop on ways of preserving our precious old

photographs so that they will be around for future generations

to enjoy. (© Elisa J. Hart)


Dinner and Presentations

At least once a year the Society holds a dinner so that the members and invited guests can get together and visit. It may be a harvest dinner, a Christmas party, or we may just decide that it is time to celebrate. We also get to learn about some aspect of local history through a presentation after some of the dinners.