73. teacherage - flower pots

The teacherage in 2010. (© BHS and Elisa J. Hart)


The teacherage served as a residence for the teacher. In the early years of the school the teacher generally boarded with a local family. In 1942 a teacher was hired who needed independent accommodation so this 16′ x 20′ building was moved from Silver Springs School. One room was a living room and kitchen, and the other a bedroom. There was no toilet, running water, or electricity. When no longer needed in the 1950s, the teacherage was moved to a local farm where it served as a residence. The Bearspaw Historical Society moved and renovated it in 2005-2006. It has the original spruce floors and exterior shiplap walls. The only photograph that the Society has of the teacherage while it was at the school is shown on the Home Page.  If you have a photograph showing the teacherage at the school then please contact us.  


74. teacherage being moved
75. teacherage - paint scraped

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Left to right: The teacherage being moved from the Hutchison farm to the new school site. The teacherage stripped of paint and with rotten lumber removed. (© Roger Pilkington)