76. new barn - door open

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The near replica of the horse barn that was completed in 2012 by Kelly McKinley, owner of id9, and that is now used for community meeting space. The big sliding barn door is shown open, but when closed it covers the glass doors. (© BHS and Elisa J. Hart)


A barn was built in 1920 to provide shelter for the horses that the students and teachers rode to school. Little is known about the first barn, but it was replaced in 1930. This simple structure was 16′ x 36′, had one big sliding door, a dirt floor, and no stalls, but a railing along one wall for tying up the horses. A door at the east end was used to access a wood storage area. A small window above the door provided a bit of light. The horses were not fed during the day but could graze outside when grass was available. A near replica of the horse barn was built by the Bearspaw Historical Society as the original could not be located.


77. barn in 1942

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The second horse barn that was built in 1930 and is shown here in 1942. (Bearspaw Historical Society)


Help us solve a mystery!

Where was the horse barn moved to from the school grounds?


Do you have a photograph of the first barn that was built in 1920?

We need a photograph of the first horse barn that was built in 1920, and we only have one photograph showing the front and one side of the 1930 barn. Please contact us if you have photographs of the barns and other school buildings that you are willing to let us copy.